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horse corneal ulcer

There are many different things that can happen to your horse's eyes, and most of them are an emergency. We have invested in specialized ophthalmology equipment that helps us diagnose eye diseases, and monitor the disease progress better.

There are several conditions that horses get that can cause them to go blind if not treated quickly and appropriately. Typically a horse with an eye problem will have a runny eye and/or be squinting.

Corneal Ulcers

The horse's eye sits in a prominent location on the side of its head and is subject to injury. Once the cornea is damaged an infection can set in. This is an emergency. The quicker I can diagnose the ulcer, and get the proper medication started, the easier it will be on your wallet. The longer the infection lingers before treatment the harder it is to eradicate.


Uveitis is an inflammation of the front of the eye and is often a sign that your horse has other health issues. Appaloosa horses have a tendency to get this disease and it is also known as moon blindness. I can diagnose your horse using a device that checks the pressure within the eye.


Glaucoma is caused from inflammation within the eye and can damage structures such as the retina. Glaucoma can come on suddenly when your horse injures its eye. It must be diagnosed and treated rapidly or the horse will lose sight in the eye. If you suspect your horse has any of these problems with its eye, call your veterinarian today!