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Diagnostic Imaging

In order to diagnose many conditions in your horse, diagnostic imaging may be necessary. HorseCare Veterinary Services has state of the art equipment to achieve this.

Horse Lameness wendell, NC
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Digital Radiography

Problems such as osteoarthritis, fractures, bone chips, bone spurs, tooth root abscesses, OCD lesions, all can be diagnosed via x-ray.

Horse Lameness wendell, NC
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Digital Ultrasonography

Problems such as tendon and ligament injuries can be diagnosed via ultrasound examination.

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Upper Airway Endoscopy

There are several conditions that your horse can get that can be diagnosed via endoscopy. Your horse will be sedated, and the fiber-optic scope is inserted into his nose. Most horses tolerate this painless procedure very well. We can then do a thorough examination of the his upper airway. These are some of the conditions we can diagnose via upper airway endoscopy:

  • Ethmoid hematoma. This is a non-cancerous tumor that grows in the sinuses. Usually, if your horse has an ethmoid hematoma there will be spontaneous bleeding from one of the nostrils, often after exercising.
  • Roaring. The proper name for this condition is left recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis. Horses that have this have very noisy breathing during exercising.
  • Chondroids. The horse has a cave-like structure within its head called the guttural pouch. Horses can get infections in their guttural pouch which can lead to a nasal discharge. Some horses develop a condition called chondroids after they clear an infection. Chondroids are basically pieces of hardened pus that the horse's immune system cannot get rid of. They sit in the guttural pouch like gravel, and often irritate the tissue.