horse veterinarian wendell, nc
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About HCVS

horse veterinarian wendell, nc

HCVS was started in 2012 by Daniel Lambert

There is a lot of work involved in getting a practice going from the ground up. From navigating the incredible amount of paperwork involved in setting up suppliers and accounts, to figuring out where to buy that one little gizmo that we use every day- it is a daunting task. Fortunately I had plenty of time on my hands to figure all this stuff out because I had almost no clients!

What's the deal with the name?

I don't recall exactly how the name HorseCare came about, but during the time when I was trying to come up with a name there was a lot of talk on the media about healthcare.

Over the past couple of years the business grew pretty quickly. I am fortunate to have many clients that really helped build the business by way of referrals.