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Frequently Asked Questions

Deworming Horses

  • Q: How often should I deworm my adult horse?
  • A: We would prefer if you would deworm in response to a fecal egg count. More info here.
  • Q: How often should I deworm my foal?
  • A: Foals should be dewormed for the first time at 1-2 months old. Then they should be dewormed every 2 months until they are a year old. You should rotate through several classes of dewormer- if you have questions about this, please call us.

Horse Vaccination

  • Q: They sell vaccines at the feed store- can I vaccinate my own horse?
  • A:Although it looks pretty simple to inject the vaccine, you are better off having your veterinarian do it. Occasionally, a horse can have a life threatening reaction to the vaccine. Your veterinarian is trained to deal with this, and has medications to save your horse. In addition, even if you don't notice it, we are examining your horse while giving the vaccines.
  • Q: How often should I vaccinate my adult horse?
  • A:We would prefer that you discuss any vaccination regimen with your veterinarian to ensure your horse is protected.
  • Q: How often should I vaccinate my foal?
  • A: We would prefer that you discuss any vaccination regimen with your veterinarian to ensure your foal is protected.


  • Q: Do you vaccinate Dogs/ Cats?
  • A:Yes! We usually carry dog/ cat rabies, and the dog DHPP/L shots.
  • Q: Can you scope my horse?
  • A: Yes. We have a high quality upper airway scope that enables us to diagnose conditions such as roaring, and gutteral pouch infections.
  • Q: I work all day. Do you have any night or weekend appointments?
  • A: Yes. We will do our best to work with your schedule.

About Dr. Dan

  • Q: Is it true you designed the shelving and drawer unit for your Honda Pilot?
  • A: Yes! I wanted a more efficient way to access my equipment than what is typically available.
  • Q: You were a bit older than most when you went to vet school- what did you do before that?
  • A:I was a New York State Correction Officer for about 10 years. Then I moved to NC and started a custom bathroom and kitchen business. I was good at both these things, but these careers just didn't make me want to go to work like working with horses does.
  • Q: Can you get up on a draft horse without a mounting block?
  • A: Why yes, I can. Watch the video here.

The Hall of Fame

  • Q: You just left my farm- I don't really need to follow your instructions for my horse's treatment do I?
  • A: No, that was merely a suggestion. This is your chance to come up with the next miracle cure made from the stuff found at Tractor Supply!
  • Q: Can I call the EMERGENCY number if I have a really, really important question?
  • A: Yes! Even though we jump a little every time the emergency line rings because we're expecting to have to rush to bleeding wound, we would love to answer your questions about feeding beet pulp on a Sunday evening!