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Daniel Lambert, DVM

North Carolina CVM, 2011

horse veterinarian wendell, nc

Most people are surprised to learn that I did not grow up with horses. Actually, I hadn't really been around horses until I decided to go to vet school. In order to get into vet school one needs quite a bit of experience working with animals, and they prefer it if you have worked with many different species. I had aspirations of being a small animal vet, and was perfectly happy working with dogs and cats. I figured I could suffer through a few weeks of working with some smelly horses if that's what it would take.

Fortunately for me the person who introduced me to horses was Dr. Fernando Cardenas of 3H Veterinary Services. Things could have turned out much differently for me had I not met him. He is a patient teacher, and an excellent mentor. Even though I had zero experience with horses he provided a safe and challenging environment for me to truly experience what it means to be an equine veterinarian. I was an active participant. Had I met a different equine vet to gain my horse experience I surely would have been relegated to being just an observer, and would probably be de-obstipating cats now instead of treating colics.

It didn't take long before I fell in love with horses, their gentle nature, their strength, and even the way they smell. Even after a decade, I am still amazed that this 1000Lb creature will stand quietly and agree to let me treat it, even when it hurts. I doubt I will ever get tired of working with some of the most beautiful, and docile animals on the planet. Because even now, after a long day, when I see them grazing in the pasture, I want to stop my truck, and go to the fence so I can scratch them under their chins.